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Bar BaHar – Nes Harim​

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The Jerusalem Hills can look like a very verdant, very romantic forest. Bar BaHar, a caférestaurant adjacent to Bar Giora and Nes Harim, is one of the best places to enjoy viewing the greenery, and getting there is a significant part of the experience. The road is winding and narrow, the Jerusalem Hills’ underbrush is beautiful and the restaurant isolated and uncrowded – unless you’re visiting on Saturday. Many bike riders stop off. The balcony overlooks the Nahal Sorek Preserve, and a Jewish National Fund information stand at the site is helpful for purposes of orientation.

Directions: Drive southeast from Ein Kerem along Road #386, or northeast from Zur Hadassah. Turn onto Road #3866 near Bar Giora, which leads to Nes Harim. Bar BaHar is located about 300 meters west of the intersection.


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“During your stay, you will travel through history to the most pure, unchanging corners found in Israel.”

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