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Yearim hotel is happy and thrilled to welcome you back starting 14.5.21

The hotel went throgh extensive renovation in the last few monthes , the rooms has been redeisgn ,the dining room Changed his face and now it has a new modern look and exciting menu. We invite you to enjoy a lovely vacation surended with beautiful views and wild nature. Yearim hotel is waiting for you.

Freedom, Culture & Nature - for a perfect vacation.​

Mt. Adar & Radar Hill​

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Situated in the heart of the Jerusalem Hills, the Yearim Hotel serves as a base for tours in the vicinity that are no more than a short drive away. Many of the routes are easy and comfortable, and they are fascinating. Routes can be covered by foot, car, bike, or by combining a short drive with a pleasant walk and the opportunity to enjoy nature and the excellent air.

One kilometer northeast of the Yearim Hotel

How to get there?
Exit the hotel, turn left and drive along the road connecting Ma’ale
Hahamisha and Mt. Adar. You also can get there on foot, or by a 10-minute bike ride.

What’s worthwhile?
The settlement known as Mt. Adar was established 30 years ago in the
historical Radar Hill compound, where hard-fought battles took place during Israel’s War of
Independence. Khirbet Nijim, an archeological site consisting of a fortified building from the
Persian-Hellenistic and Ottoman periods, stands at the top the mount, where the settlement
is located. The monument standing atop radar Hill and honoring the Harel Brigade, is Mt.
Adar’s best-known site. It comprises a cenotaph in memory of the fighters that were killed in
the battles that took place in the area, along with an exhibit of tanks and armored vehicles.
Among the names immortalized here: Yitzhak Rabin, who commanded the Harel Brigade
during the War of Independence (and later served as the country’s Prime Minister, until being assassinated in 1995), and Uri Ben Ari, its commander during the 1967 Six-Day War. It’s impossible to miss the tall observation tower by architects Aryeh Sharon and his son Eldad, designed as two radar dishes standing on a pair of concrete legs.

The view from the memorial is wonderful – all the Jerusalem Hills to the East and the coastal
plain to the West spread out before you.

Tours by Car:

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Yearim Hotel sits atop one of the highest peaks in the Jerusalem hills, fully immersed in nature’s charms. Your stay will take you on a journey through history to the most pure, unchanging corners found in Israel.

“During your stay, you will travel through history to the most pure, unchanging corners found in Israel.”

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