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Muza BaHar – Shoresh​

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Muza BaHar is a French chef restaurant/bistro located on Moshav Shoresh. The views are lovely, the atmosphere pleasant and the ambience is very relaxed. The restaurant is open Sunday-Thursday, from 12 noon until the final customer leaves. Door open Fridays at 09:00, and the restaurant remains open until one hour before the onset of the Jewish Sabbath (Friday evening).

Breakfasts only on Friday, from 09:00 until noon.
Open Saturdays: 19:00-22:00.
Tel: 053-7104408.

Directions: Drive to Highway #1 from the Yearim Hotel and turn south at Shoresh Junction, onto Road #3955 towards Moshav Shoresh. Turn right into the moshav and continue to Shoresh Sq. The restaurant is located to the left of the square.


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