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מלון יערים - ספא

Hotel with a Spa

The Yearim Hotel features a spa with an original Israeli ambience, to complement overnight accommodations, and the spa treatment menu is as pampering as it is extensive. The treatment room features massage beds, washroom and Jacuzzi.

מלון יערים - בריכת שחיה

Swimming Pool

The swimming pool inside the Yearim Hotel, which sits atop one of the highest peaks of the Jerusalem Hills, faces the unobstructed landscape.

מלון יערים - חדר אוכל

Bar, Dining Room, Lobby

Take your meals at the Yearim Hotel’s meticulously kept dining room, which overlooks the breathtaking landscape of the Jerusalem Hills. The wonderful, meticulous hospitality, is our guarantee to guests of a unique ambience, to expand your soul.

Yearim Hotel

Children’s Club

Ya’arim Hotel offers its guests a children’s club for the whole family.
You may find a creative games, puzzles and gymboree.

Yearim Hotel | Ma’ale Hachamisha 90835, Jerusalem | Phone: +972-2-5331331 | Fax: +972-2-5331330

Kerem hotel Group: Yearim Hotel / Gordonia Hotel / Elma Hotel

Yearim Hotel sits atop one of the highest peaks in the Jerusalem hills, fully immersed in nature’s charms. Your stay will take you on a journey through history to the most pure, unchanging corners found in Israel.

“During your stay, you will travel through history to the most pure, unchanging corners found in Israel.”

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